With Karachi being ever so cold, Tao has introduced a palpable winter menu to beat the winter blues. So, to treat our taste buds to the flavorsome assortment of seafood on the menu, we decided to give this place a shot.

The restaurant with its opulent yet cozy interior, made us feel right at home as the cold winds howled outside. And, the best part was the phenomenal service despite the dinner rush hours. So a big shout out to our server for not only being efficient and helpful but also, chirpy! He went the extra mile to make sure that we had a seamless dining experience.

Now that is out of the way, let’s talk about the food. We were off to a good start with our appetizers.

What to Order?

We ordered the PanSeared Gyoza. It was filled liberally with ground prawn, mushrooms, garlic and carrot, wrapped in a thindough and steamed to perfection. The sauce served with this was mild, yet flavorful with a zesty filling. The ratio of the meat to the dough was also spot on.

Next up, was the Street ‘style Malaysian Beef Tenderloin Satay.It was served with Spicy Peanut Dip and soy sauce. The meat was perfectly seasoned, skewered and grilled with a mouthwatering tangy flavor. If you are a beef lover, then this appetizer is a must-try for you.

Coming to the Main course, we ordered Chicken marinated in Orange Sauce, Miso Butter Prawns, and Crispy Snapper Fillets, and we loved it all!

Crispy Snapper Fillet was on the top of our list. The fish was fresh and the batter remained crispy, despite being churned in their tangy Tamarind Glaze that packs some serious heat. This dish was definitely a winner.

Besides that, Miso Butter Prawn was also something that left us craving more. This flavorful Asian dish featured Plum shrimps served on a colorful bed of Bok Choy, mushrooms, and carrots. All topped with a silky, rich pan sauce of sweet miso paste butter and glace. Also, the number of shrimps was enough for the three of us. This dish also packed some serious subtle heat.

Next, we had Chicken Marinated in Orange Sauce served with a fresh orange slice. It was a new experience for us. The chicken had a blended taste of citrus and different spices, there were also few chunks of oranges.

People who enjoy all things cocktail would be excited to learn that they feature an assortment of cocktails on their menu. To end the dinner on a high note, we decided to try three of these cocktails. These included: Strawberry sling, Cucumber Ginger Cooler, and Strawberry Lemon Twist.

Strawberry sling was a perfect cocktail with a sweet and tangy taste. Whereas, the refreshing taste of the Cucumber Ginger Cooler made it the perfect drink to try after having food. Last but not least, Strawberry Lemon Twist was bright and sweet at the same time.

How can we forget dessert?

For dessert lovers, Tao’s menu also features Japanese Cheese Cake. This cheesecake isn’t like your normal cheesecakes,instead, it boasts a fluffy, sponge-like texture that literally melts in your mouth. Served with toffee sauce and peanut crumble, Tao’s Japanese Cheesecake is definitely worth trying!

So, if you are a seafood lover and planning for a night out that’sworth every penny, then you should definitely try out Tao’s winter menu!