What is that one thing which comes to your mind when you hear about OPTP? Obviously fresh food! Believing in wholesome goodness and natural ingredients, this fast food chain has rendered out the best in every potato out there! Counting down from fries to burgers, grilled sandwiches to Salads, OPTP marks its existence as being the Pakistan’s third largest fast food chain, with over 50 plus outlets in 10 major cities.

Owning the privilege of serving the best fries across Pakistan, especially for its Belgian style fries but that’s not all, they also serve a variety of tasty and scrumptious food items including; Burges, Southern Fried Chicken, Crispy Wings, Hotdog, Sandwiches, Nuggets & Sweet Treats.

Adding to their Ramadan special include:

  • Ramadan Burgers’ Deals:

6 Chicken Burgers (3 Premium Chicken & 3 Original GMC) for Rs. 990, add along Rs. 100 for 1.5 Ltr Drink!

  • Ramadan Drumsticks’ Deal:

8 Drumsticks for Rs. 990, add along Rs. 100 for 1.5 Ltr Drink!

So when OPTP says;

‘Our concept is simple. Our standards are high. Our products are the best!’

They mean it! Giving the best to us all this festive Ramadan, we can all imagine what they must have planned on Eid! Till then, don’t miss out and order up!

For Delivery Call: 111-11-6787 or visit: www.optp.biz.