The Karachi Eat Festival is created for foodies and food enthusiasts around the city – and luckily, there is no shortage of them. With the best and most innovative dishes making their debut, the event will be held on the 10th, 11th and 12th of January at Beach View Park in Karachi.

Here’s our top 5 stalls to keep an eye on this year!

  1. D’oh (Stall 07)

Bringing something that’s never been done before, Dóh is creating crepe sushi that is the perfect bite-size snack. Filled with chocolatey syrup and seasonal fruits, the crepe is definitely something to check out.

  1. Hobnob (Stall No.A2)

A little birdie told us what Hobnob is bringing to Karachi Eat this year and we are excited to share it. The neighborhood bakery has revamped their menu, and is showcasing 2 sweet pop tarts and 4 new gourmet patties out of which the Sour Cream and Onion one looked the most tempting. Shaped like a black taco and filled with cheesy goodness, this is one treat you should indulge in!

  1. Yoshi’s (Stall No.50)Everyone’s favorite bear is introducing a new item to their menu with the Moffle Chicken Sandwich, a Japanese take on the classic waffle and Chicken combo. The waffle bun is made from mochi which is chewy. Hence Moffle. We’re loving the innovation, and the Asian fusion they are bringing to classic American cooking

  1. Churrosity (Stall No.24)

The Churro Hotdog is something we’ve definitely never seen before. I guess, sugar, spice and sausages make everything nice? This is something we’re going to have a try to figure out if it’s good

  1. The Social Hub (Stall No.111)Have you ever wanted to eat chaat, but also have the portability of a sandwich? Probably the craziest thing on this list, Social Hub has created a Taco Chaat. They are up for mixing the goodness of yoghurt, vegetables in a twister papri aka Taco.