Islamabad and different parts of Pakistan have started witnessing winter rain on Tuesday. The thick cover of brown haze that encompassed most parts of Punjab has gone now.

Its safe to state that the winter season has at long last arrived, and with it a genuinely necessary break for subjects in exhaust cloud influenced Punjab.

Given the wonderful change in the atmosphere, Islooites are in a mind-set to take advantage of it. Many people in Islamabad were seen going to different areas to eat and appreciate the wonderful climate.

So Islamabadians. Favor going out for some food? Here are a portion of the winter-particular treats that you can appreciate in this climate:


As the climate changes, an ever increasing number of individuals take off to the different fish sellers arranged all through the city to satisfy their desires for fish.

There are such huge numbers of approaches to appreciate fish in winter, e.g. seared fish, angle pakoras, and so on.


What’s superior to appreciating a bowl of sizzling soup in the rain? Beside been useful for your wellbeing, they are scrumptious and exquisite. Furthermore you get the opportunity to keep your hands and face warm.



You can’t discuss winter without saying the hot and sticky loops everybody adores. Jalebi sellers get ready for action like never before as winter lands in Islamabad.


On the off chance that you have lived in Islamabad then you should be acquainted with different dry natural product shops in the capital.

Dry organic product offers progressively amid the winter season in all parts of Pakistan. Road sellers can be seen in different market of Islamabad as the interest for dry organic products increments as the temperature drops.



Last however not the least, chai (tea). Drinking hot chai on a chilly morning or night is an unquestionable requirement for all the tea darlings out there. A few of us just can’t survive without it!