Fruits make our Immune system stronger during winters. Another of the best healthy winter fruits in season is the humble banana. One of the best sources of potassium, it also helps maintain blood pressure during winter. Rich in fiber and packed with vitamins, it helps in improving our body immune system.

Winters require additional care. Isn’t it? Eating some good fruits in winter can take you cozily through the season. In general, you should eat fruits of every season however when it comes about winter, you should be more specific and zealous.

Here are the top 5 winter fruits which will keep you fit and perfect in the cold season.


Looks like a pear but it is quince (bahi). It is a very healthy fruit with lot of fiber content. It fights off with flu and cold. It helps protect against influenza viruses. It is also good for heart problems. High vitamin C content in this fruit keeps many diseases at the bay. Look around for quinces before it vanishes from markets!


Most people call persimmons ‘Japani Phal’. It should also be your choice in winters. Enriched with dietary fiber and minerals, it is an excellent fruit for heart diseases. Persimmons are also good for diabetic patients. It starts coming in autumn and keeps coming till mid of winter. Additionally, persimmon helps improve vision, good for weight loss and enhances immunity as well.


Grapefruit is one of the healthy citrus fruits. Eating a grapefruit gives you enough amount of vitamin C for the day. It is also full of vitamin A and fiber. It is known for its immunity boosting property. It also slows aging, fights off gum diseases, helps in cancer and improves metabolism system.


Orange is the cutest thing in winter. You may not eat other fruits in winter but oranges. Today, let me tell you how beneficial it is for you. Oranges are rich of vitamin C which saves from cancer and heart diseases. It saves from viral infections, protects skin, reduces cholesterol and also fights constipation.

  1. DATES

Dates are often ignored in your shopping trip to market but be known that they have lots of benefits for you. Little dates contain high amount of fiber and vitamin A. It is considered as a complete food. It promotes better vision. Eating a date is considered equivalent to eating a whole loaf. It also improves digestion, reduces constipation and boosts energy.