It’s winters. It’s the weekend. And here’s the Soul Fest. We hear the weather prediction for the weekend is deliciousness with McDonald’s bringing exclusive yummy deals at Soul Fesr. There cannot be enough festivals to enjoy winter for Karachiites. Soul Fest is back this weekend to make your soul happy. Staring from 24th January to 26th January, 2020, Soul Fest is coming with a versatile and top notch list of artists that are going to be performing live to make you “eat to the beat”.

Go out and experiment with your taste buds and if you’re done with bad experiments, McDonald’s is there to have your back as always. As promised, McDonald’s exclusive deals for Soul Fest this time around are even bigger better and bolder. So don’t miss out!

What are the exclusive deals?

McDonald’s menu is extensive with a little bit of everything you want from your happy meals to your coffee fix and, Mc Flurry and cones to make that cold even more thrilling and teeth chattering.

Spicy McCrispy with regular fries and drink 620 450

McChicken with regular fries and drink 540 450

Coffee with cookie 430 295

Coffee 250 150

Mcflurry 350 250

Cone 90 75

Choco cone 130 90

Sundae 250 180