Vote – Get inked and enjoy free food at these restaurants

By: Rida Manzoor

Since, the elections are just around the corner and the patriotism is surging through every citizen of our state, there is no denial that an opportunity like this has to be missed in any way. If you are planning on going voting in your designated area you are in luck. This time not only can you vote but you can also use your inked thumb as a proof for availing discounts at a number of eateries.

Not only can you play your part in bringing a change but you can also claim scrumptious meals and beverages just by showing your vote casted thumb.

Here’s a list of all the places that are giving away massive discounts and free food for you to enjoy:

1. Burger Lab
(Get free gourmet fries on the purchase of a burger)

2. Elemento Caffé
(Get a free peach ice tea)

3. Bumzee’s
(Get 50% discount)

4. Nosh
(Get 40% discount)

5. Espresso
(Get a free cup of coffee)

6. Burridos
(Get a free slush)

7. Ambrosia
(Get a free drink)

This is a great step towards embracing unity, acceptance and encouragement as every sector from our industry joins hands to support our right to vote and make history! Don’t wash out that ink stain on your thumb and enjoy mouth-watering food.

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