Vital Tea fires back at leading frizzy drinks

Since the day Vital Tea stepped in the market they only kept one thing in mind, “There is no compromise on a quality cup of tea that the customer pays for.” Made by the finest Kenyan tea ingredients, Vital is seen to be rich with quality in taste, colour and aroma. The biggest achievement that depicts the growth of the brand is its annual 22% – 25% increment in consumer demand, which is proof that Vital never compromises on quality by keeping in view the strong market conditions. Not only this but Vital Tea has shown an immense rise in the export market with over 20 countries in loop including; USA, Canada, Malaysia and many more.

Not only the quality but the way Vital Tea has given importance on the creative side with simple approach to advertising and marketing also played a great role in its present existence and growth. Coming up front in such a competitive marketplace to lead tea brands was never an easy task, but the game of survival is made to look so easy that praise for the brand; seems less than it deserves, with a dominating position.
Talking about the advertising and marketing approach of the brand, Vital is made for people by keeping in view the emotions of our Pakistani society like the slogan “Vital Piyo Zindagi Jiyo” with the reach of its taste serving the core from rural to urban areas. However, Vital never took the trending on a conventional route, by highlighting the main aspects of its being together with hiring famous celebrities and investing huge budgets. Instead, the brand took a new and quite diverse direction by merging itself into CSR through the main branding ideas.
Vital Tea has been revolving its brand advertisements and market visibility by highlighting social issues of Pakistan; corruption, bribery, social ethics and moral manners, election and price hike etc. Blending in thought-provoking ideas, Vital has made waves through its thematic campaigns which included occasions like Cricket Cups, Elections, and Ramzan for that matter, nevertheless giving conceptual view that this tea is a drink to be mattered in our social gathering. Starting from a small town of Punjab, Haroonabad, the brand’s outstanding prospects of advertising and marketing have garnered it a positive and distinctive image amongst consumers and leading market competitors at large.

Recently, a leading frizzy drink was found warring with tea brands by its advertisement campaign showing that it was better than a mere cup of tea. Apparently, some tea brands simply failed to do justice in responding back but not Vital, the brand replied back in such a way that it couldn’t be matched the criteria. Highlighting realistic fact of tea being the traditional drink of every Pakistani, Vital simply replaced the thought prompted by the soft drink instantly.

Our culture supports the tradition of serving a hot cup of tea as a way of showing gratitude and hospitality, born Desi -touch of every Pakistani whether they are living abroad or within Pakistan. There’s no doubt in the fact that one can never compare the two drinks, as both can’t be replaced with the other, but when one brand will hit then the other brand shall encounter equally.

Hence, Vital has once again proved by playing a significant role when it comes to bringing a positive change in the society by endorsments being relatable, interesting and brilliantly executed.