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Tux Premium Tissues, the perfect balance of softness and strength

The modern world utilizes paper in various ways. Apart from being used as carrying bags, notebooks, wrappers and raw material for DIY projects, paper is used for cleaning purpose and maintains hygiene in the form of tissue napkins. With the course of time, tissue paper has become an important part of everyone’s daily life. People expect napkins of paper when they consume food. Know more about the uses and aspects of cheap tissue paper in daily life.

Tux is here to be your complete hygiene partner. Tux is a premium tissue brand of Pakistan backed by Bikiya Industries which offers a wide range of products made with 100% pure wood virgin pulp making it all natural. It meets the most stringent international hygiene and food-grade standards; providing products in standardized as well as customized packaging. Tux tissues produce bio-degradable and recyclable products; all the raw material used in our products is 100% reusable or recyclable!

Each tissue is soft, absorbent and has stellar durability. We prioritize sustainability and forest management due to which Bikiya Industries has received certifications from Majlis-e-Ulema Halal (Indonesia), PEFC (International) and SVLK (International). Tux provides products for the entire family.

The major categories include, Facial Tissue Boxes, Kitchen Towels, Toilet Rolls, Hand Towels and Napkins

Imported from Indonesia. The products are made from 100% Virgin Wood Pulp and are Non-recycled and OBA free made from pure organically grown Eucalyptus trees.

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