Food is everyone’s favorite. Every culture have their own unique way of cooking and eating food. We as Muslims eat Halal foods and there are certain boundaries and foods which are prohibited in our culture, like we don’t eat insects but there are certain countries which prefer eating insects and add it to garnish their foods.

Countries like  Africa, Asia, and South America says that eating insects, rodents, and other odd animals are good for health.

  1. In Mexico people decorate their Taco with maguey worms.
  2. In Brussels, there is an occasion where an insect sits on the tongue of a “revelation lunch” participant to teach the group about how bugs can be a decent type of nourishment.
  3. In Europe, insects are decorated on the top of Macaroons to give it a crispy taste.
  4. Frozen pudding from crisp duck or pig blood is a mainstream dish in Southeast Asia.
  5. A Chinese eatery in the very old city of Yogyakarta serves cobra meat as ground sirloin sandwich patties.
  6. China celebrates participants feast on puppy meat.
  7. In the streets of Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe, people sell boiled rats.
  8. Skinned frogs are blended to make a drink in Peru