Celebration about anything is incomplete without a cup of tea. Similarly, when we feel tired, angry or having a headache; tea has always been the first priority in all situations and when you have a partner to share a cup with, it simply doubles the charm. When we think about relationships; Tapal Danedaar is the only choice that focuses on keeping your relationship stronger since the time it came into the industry. With their new TVC, Tapal Danedaar made sure to support you and your better half, make you feel confident and stronger.

Their new TVC shows Sanam Saeed along with Adeel Hussain both complimenting each other. The commercial portrays how couples support each other and makes their better-half feel stronger with just a cup of Tapal Danedaar; which is all about keeping you strong and confident. So have a cup of Tapal Danedaar aur ‘Ab Dil KIi Suno’.

Check out the TVC here: