Tapal Tea as we all know is Pakistan’s major tea brand has completed its 70 years. In these 70 years they ensured to give the best quality tea and gain the trust of its customers. They delivered the cup of tea this nation truly deserved. With each year they came up with different and new brands that fully satisfy everyone’s needs.

Starting off with the leader brand Tapal Danedar, the brand believes in catering to the needs of all its consumers belonging to diverse income segments. You’ll agree here that our mornings are incomplete without a cup of Tapal Danedar tea. Then comes Tapal Family Mixture, the essence of the brand revolves around the perfect blend of tea for the complete family. It also complements the woman of the house who plays a pivotal role in homemaking. Tapal Tezdum then took everyone’s attention, the essence of the brand rotates around the strong cup of tea that motivates significance and boldness to beat any inward boundary or strife, giving you the quality to push ahead in life and exceed expectations in each individual endeavor. With its solid, flavorful taste and rich color, the blend is created to convey customer fulfillment. Then came Tapal Mezban, it has been known as the premium dust tea brand that understands and reflects the true essence of Sindhi culture and hospitality. Through its unmatchable and unmistakable flavor, it has reliably conveyed its guarantee as the flourishing business sector pioneer in the dust tea category. Tapal Chenak on the other hand is a brand specifically catered to the needs of the people of Tharparkar and the geography of Thar necessitates a sense of longing. Tapal then became the first Pakistani tea company to launch a range of flavored green teas. Jasmine, Elaichi, Lemon, Mint, Moroccan Mint. Each flavour is unique and has its own delicious taste. Tapal Gulbahar Green Tea is another brand with an excellent quality green tea that can be used to make Green Tea as well as Kashmiri Tea.

As Tapal completes its 70 years, they released a TVC where we could see all these brands in one frame!

Check out the TVC here:

We would like to congratulate the entire team of Tapal for completing 70 years and for giving us the best and flavorful tea and making our mornings so fresh and healthy.