Tang is the leading powdered beverage in Pakistan. It has become the country’s favorite, thanks to its refreshing taste and re-hydrating properties. Come summer and Ramadan, Tang is sought after to quench thirst and keep one going during the blazing summers of Pakistan.

Tang is a must-have in every household this Ramadan. After a long day of fasting especially in summers, one craves for a refreshing drink. With its refreshing taste and ingredients, Tang is the complete Iftaar partner for its consumers, be it as a refreshing drink or as a core ingredient in the dishes.

This Ramadan is indeed a test of patience for all as it is accompanied by a scorching heat wave. With more than 30 refreshing recipes, Tang is here to help its consumers beat the heat with Tang in Suhoor and Iftaar. Tang is the perfect choice for homemaker women out there who want nothing but the best for their family. Be it kids or adults, Tang is the right choice for all. Tang has always attempted to give a refreshing, convenient and nutritious experience to mothers by providing them an opportunity to make a quick, refreshing drink.

Due to its ease of preparation and energizing fruity taste, Tang serves as an ideal beverage after a daylong fast and a vital ingredient for innovative recipes to try at Iftar. Make your summers healthy and refreshing with innovative recipes and thirst-quenching beverages made from the fruity and tangy flavors of Tang!