Tamarind has several health benefits apart from how it makes any dish taste a thousand times better.  Consuming tamarind can work wonders for your health.

Helps in weight loss

Tamarind has HCA( hydroxycitric acid) that is widely known to help in weight loss. Tamarind reduces a person’s appetite and that’s how weight is lost. It also keeps your body cool in summers.

Aids digestion

Tamarind has been considered as a natural product to help digestion. If you eat tamarind as a spice then your digestive system gets better and the fiber in it makes your stool smooth.

Improves Immunity

Tamarind has a good amount of Vitamin C and also other anti oxidants that helps a person’s immune system to improve. Because of tamarind’s antiseptic effects, it gets rid of germs in the body.

Deals with diabetes effectively

Along with all the benefits that we mentioned above, another great health benefit of tamarind is that is help in monitoring fluctuating sugar or insulin levels. Usually a person who has a carb-rich diet, his/her glucose levels are uncontrolled.  This is one of the biggest causes of diabetes.  When you eat tamarind or include it in your diet, all these fluctuation will be monitored and and also be controlled.