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Stop Eating Them Right Now! These Foods Can Make Cancer Cells Grow In Your Body.

We do many things to live a healthy life like exercising, consuming healthy food, sleeping on time. Forgetting the fact that there are other important things too to be careful. You should be aware that food you consume can contain cancer causing agents according to statistical data.

Here are few foods you usually take without knowing that it contain carcinogens(cancer cause element).

Canned tomatoes

Bisphenol – A or BPA is chemical that is consisted in the lining of the canned foods. Canned tomatoes are not any exception. The tomatoes are extremely hazardous due to the high acidity that appears to make the BPA leech from the can’s lining inside the tomatoes.

Farmed salmon

Fish is one of the healthiest foods that nature provides us, but still, farmed salmon is type of fish you should remove from your menu. The salmon fish is contaminated with a great number of chemicals, pesticides, antibiotics, and other cancer – causing agents. Moreover, these fishes are fed unnaturally. So, it is important for you to avoid the farmed salmon and buy it canned or just look for a label in your grocery store that affirm the fish you are buying is wild sockeye salmon.

Processed meats

You should be aware that processed meats contain numerous additives and chemicals, together with sodium nitrates that make them look fresh and appealing and are exceedingly hazardous.

Soda pop

Studies show that people who drink more than one soda each day had a higher danger of stoke, than persons who didn’t consume soft drinks, according to one of the latest researches published in the American Journal of Nutrition.

Microwave popcorn

Propyl gallate is chemical contained in microwave popcorns. It cause many skin rashes and stomach issues, as well as soybean oil that is a GMO product, and many other additives. The producing companies are not saying that they use GMO corn kernels, but the administration claims so they don’t have to. However, one thing we can tell for sure – they are not using organic corn either!

Potato chips

Probably most of you know that potato chips are really high in calories and fat. They have various additives and colors, as well as artificial flavors. In general, all the stuffs that our body doesn’t need! The potato chips are fried in really high temperatures in order to look firm, but that causes them to make a substantial that is known as acrylamide, a carcinogen agent also found in cigarettes.

Refined sugars

Refined sugars are the most ideal foods for cancer cells and their development that spike the insulin levels.

Red meat

Latest studies show that when it comes to colon cancer, the red meat is principally perilous.The research demonstrated that a long term utilization of red meat extended the amount of colon malignancy set up in the subjects concentrated on. So, the long term utilization of poultry and fishseemed to be protective in the nature.



Do care about your health and your family by avoiding these foods and buy more organic and healthy food that will help you live longer and happier life!

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