After the second episode airing, Sprite Spice Wars Season 2[#SpriteSpiceWars] builds up the excitement further in episode 3, which was televised across Pakistan on over 17 of the leading satellite channels.

The second episode featured twelve teams: MaYON, Anarkali, Pastalicious, MirchiTarqa, Spicia, Gapay Shots, Yaaran Da Dera, Tarka Live, Khwandoona, Dastak, Kebab Khana and Mirchi Circle. The teams participated in an ‘Elevator Pitch’ which they prepared with the help of the mentors as Raza Ahmed [Bamboo Union – Lahore], Noor Zehra Ibrahim [SarrakPeKarrak – Lahore], Gohar Iqbal [Johnny &Jugnu – Lahore]. Each team was given 2 minutes each to pitch their ideas to the judges Shahnawaz Khan [Amu – Lahore], Maha Jawed [Fatso’s Catering – Karachi] and RayyanDurrani [Loco, Jucy Lucy & Simple Dimple – Karachi].

This was followed by a Q&A session with the twelve teams out of which 6 teams were eliminated with the remaining 6 qualifying for the next round, MaYON, Pastalicious, Yaaran Da Dera, Khwandoona, Kebab Khana and The Mirchi Circle.

Episode 3, which was aired on10th March, featured teams participating in a unique cook-off challenge where further 2 teams were eliminated with the remaining final four teams to feature in Episode 4. With a grand prize of PKR 5 Million and the ‘Spice Wars’ winner title just a handful of challenges away, talent is coming out in full force.

Indeed, the teams in Season 2 of Sprite Spice Wars are being assessed on the basis of their capability, competence and skills to run a restaurant using unique tasks.

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