Spice up your food with the must have dips this Ramadan!

Prepared from selected and fresh tomatoes, chilies, garlic, tamarind and ginger under strict hygienic conditions, Shangrila sauces heighten the taste of your cuisines.
From your kitchen to the dining table, Shangrila’s sauces can be used to make ordinary dishes taste great.
Add some extra zest this Ramadan, with Shangrila’s wide range of sizzling Dips:

• Garlic Chilli Sauce
• Green Chilli Sauce
• Imli Ginger Sauce
• BBQ Sauce
• Hot & Spicy Ketchup
• Tomato ketchup
Pair up these Dips with different snacks and enjoy the tempting combinations!

French fries is everyone’s favorite food, I mean who doesn’t love fries! Nothing has ever come close to the fried potato’s crunchy-soft ratio, ability to withstand levels of salt, versatility in shapes and sizes, and perhaps its most important quality option to be dipped and dunked in a variety of Shangrila sauces specially Garlic Chilli Sauce.

Dough pockets stuffed with qeema masala mixture fried golden and served with tasty and finger licking Shangrila Tomato Ketchup.

Chinese dumplings are probably one of the most convenient and versatile foods to keep around. Wontons filled with meat dazzled with Shangrila BBQ Sauce are definitely a scrumptious entrée in your Iftar delights. Perfectly cooked crispy wontons with delectable sauces are also suitable for a perfect iftar get-together with your family and loved ones this Ramadan.

Iftar is about food that has tradition, memories and good health. We consider Mixed Chaat an absolute must-have on our Iftar menu. Augment a kick to the taste by adding Shangrila’s explosion of specially flavored Imli Ginger Sauce and get a ‘Desi Tarka’ in it.

Perfect choice for kids’ meal after iftar. Make a chicken/beef patty burger with lettuce, onions, cabbage and then add Shangrila’s Hot & Spicy Ketchup and BBQ Sauce to make it exceptionally yummy.

The month of fasting is finally upon us and it’s time for a piping hot plate of Pakoras. This Pakistani staple dish is a must-have as any Iftar is incomplete without a variation of this. The popularity of Pakora lies not only in their unique flavored profile, but also in their affordability. Pakora the most loved savory snack is deep-fried to a crisp and served with a dash of chaat masala and you could dip it in Shangrila’s Green Chilli Sauce.

Give that special twist to every meal with scrumptious mouthwatering array of Shangrila Dips!