Sindh Food Authority seals chocolate factory in Karachi

    A chocolate factory line in Korangi Industrial Area, Karachi was raided by the Sindh Food Authority (SFA).

    The specialist discovered workers utilizing harmful ingredients in a general unhygienic condition. That is not all, lizards were likewise found in the chocolate bushel!

    Joined by the police, the SFA led the attacked at the chocolate manufacturing plant in Bilal Colony close Pakhtukhuwan Chowk.

    Abrar Ahmed Shaikh, Director Operation SFA, informed that expired chocolates were being reprocessed to prepare chocolates, apart from including talcum powder and other harmful ingredients.

    He stated: “The unhygienic condition of the manufacturing area and the labor force was pathetic. There was no set up to keep insects away from food production area and sfa staff spotted a lizard in the chocolate basket.”

    The specialists of the industrial facility educated the experts that they have been honing such tricks throughout the previous 15 years and uncovered that the proprietor of the organization lives in Lahore.

    Beside these untrustworthy practices, the makers had no medicinal testing declarations nor had possessed the capacity to create the crude material record on the spot.

    The Director uncovered that examples have additionally been gathered for additionally preparing and examination.

    “The operation team of SFA collected samples of raw material and finished products for laboratory analysis. In case of a non-satisfactory laboratory report, which fails to comply with SFA standards, the factory will be sealed permanently.”

    Until further notice, the processing plant has been incidentally fixed by the nourishment specialist and a fine has been forced on the proprietors.