Only those who are addicted to chai will know the importance of this blog. Karachi was known to be the city of lights but now it is also the city which has numerous places that offer Chai. This proves that how much Karachi people are addicted to Chai.

Here we bring you 10 signs that prove that you are a chai addict:

1) The first thing you want in the morning is chai!

2) Your work/college/university breaks are incomplete without chai!

3) You get along well with people who are also addicted to Chai just like you.

4) Your morning tea is so important that if you don’t get one your whole day is ruined!

5) You know all the types of tea and their difference, dum, dhoodh patti, kashmiri, Ilaichi etc, etc.

6) You know who makes the best chai in the whole world, who else could it be but Dhabay Ki Chai!

7) When you eagerly want a chai but instantly get a mini heart attack when someone tells you ‘patti khatam hogai hai’

8) For Boys, cigarette without chai is like a girl without makeup… totally incomplete

9) Your idea of a perfect day: rain, your cozy corner, a good book and a big mug of chai

10) You’ve attempted different refreshments, however none give you that warm, safe feeling inside like tea does.

11) After reading all these points you now want to go and grab your cup of chai