Shangrila’s new Ketchup & Sauces Ad is definitely set to trigger your taste buds

Shangrila, one of the most loved food brands came into Pakistan’s food landscape as a breath of fresh air, introducing a wide range of seasonings and later on ketchup & sauces that enhance the taste of your food and make it scrumptious.  It is one of the few food brands in Pakistan to prepare its products from carefully selected and freshest ingredients, making your cuisines more tempting & add savory to them.

Shangrila has always come up with unique and out of the box ideas. Just like its tantalizing dips add a special zest to any food, Shangrila’s latest commercial is set to take you on a roller coaster ride. The happy go lucky sound and bright colored animation simply took us through a ride down the memory lane.  We also witnessed a flashback of our favourite childhood game Pacman.  Just by looking at the scrumptious food images, within a few seconds the cravings begin. Shangrila ketchup & sauces are the perfect partners for all your meals be it snacks, lunch or dinner, they have something to offer for every mood. The voice over and lyrics in itself is enough to make your mood swing from cranky to hungry.  Thus, there is no doubt that Shangrila is definitely here to make your taste buds happy!

Shangrila Garlic Chilli Sauce, BBQ Sauce and Shangrila Hot & Spicy Ketchup are your ideal snack partners, while Shangrila Imli Ginger Sauce and Shangrila Green Chilli Sauce add some extra zest to your everyday meals.

The ad impetuously depicts the impeccable combination of French fries and nuggets with thick and juicy tomato ketchup. The cheerful and bubbly ad further won our hearts by the appetizing visuals of kebabs peppered with ‘Garlic Chilli’ sauce. Perfectly dripping BBQ sauce over tantalizing steaks and sandwiches is a mouthwatering experience, the relish journey doesn’t end here; you have to witness the lip smacking sauces and experience that kick in your taste buds.

No matter how flavorful your snacks are, their taste is not complete without adding Shangrila’s sauces to the mix. Therefore, Shangrila ketchup and sauces are “Khaanon kay must haves!”