Shan becomes a helping hand and savior for millions of people.

After years of researching, the idea of Shan Kitchen was introduced with a commitment and responsibility to provide multiple opportunities for people from all fractions of life and to stimulate them to own their lives by pursuing their culinary dream.

Shan Kitchen has always excelled in providing a state-of-the-art and first platform where any person can showcase their culinary art skills. It initially began by taking the initiative to take action and to make things happen for others. Therefore, Shan Kitchen came up with a collaboration with Food Panda in order to motivate more home chefs.

The Shan Kitchen initiative is designed considering the mind and skill set of the people and making it easier for people to acknowledge the fact of excelling in this easily and quickly if you have that culinary talent in you.

‘Shan Kitchen’ was started last year with the purpose to provide diversity and a unique blend of combination which is often ignored.

It is equipped with a pool of over 300 potential applicants who can be a part of this great initiative. The highly acclaimed judges of Shan Kitchen, who need no introduction, include; Komal Rizvi, Saba Mohsin, Arsalan Shahid, Tauseef Butt, and Ali Sheikh.

Shan Kitchen since the start kicked off with cook-off series, then launched the challenge #RealTasteRealStories, to cater to people from all fractions of life showcasing their self-made recipes and verge as a foodpreneur, explore new doors to opportunities and practically experiment with their true inspirations through our platforms.

Shan has been out of the box in making efforts to enable opportunities, enhancing skills, and act as a supporting engine for many home chefs, and also to add accreditation for home chefs by awarding them ‘Shan Kitchen Recommended Badge’.


As we have seen many giant organizations have declared bankruptcy, most of the companies have slashed over 50% of their human resource, many daily-wagers have suffered immense loss, and so on and so forth. Being surrounded by all this, Shan has proved to be the beacon of light and hope for millions of Pakistanis.

“This initiative set high bars of empowerment and open doors to opportunities.”


If you are passionate about cooking and an enthusiastic home chef, you can simply follow the below-mentioned steps and get a chance to earn ‘Shan Kitchen Recommended Badge’.

STEP 1 – Home chefs, who are already on Foodpanda can simply send their dish to the judges for a taste, quality, and hygiene check.

STEP 2 – After going through a series of checks as well as quality control. The ‘Shan Kitchen’ judges will reward the chef with ‘Shan Kitchen Recommended Badge’  which will make them stand out from the rest and also make them more reliable as a chef.

The chefs use premium quality recipe mixes and spices which definitely enhance the flavor of their dishes plus add credibility to their name as well.

So, no more hesitations, it’s time to follow your passion and fulfill your dreams.

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