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Introducing ‘Selfieccino’ – A coffee with an image of the customer’s face on the foam

Coffee is everyone’s first priority in this cold weather. This cafe, however, took the art of coffee to a whole new level. ‘The Tea Terrace’ in London is serving coffee with an image of customer’s face on the foam. The trend is getting viral and is called “selfieccino”.

So now instead of taking a selfie you can be the selfie in your coffee

A cafe in London has released an Instagram coffee drink that takes your selfies and transforms them into eatable foam.

Tea Terrace, located on one of London’s busiest shopping roads, calls the claim to fame espresso the “Selfieccino” – a coffee drink with steamed-drain with a photograph of the customer imprinted over the foam, for $7.50.

To get the drinkable representation, customers must request the drink and after that message a photo of themselves to the bistro’s application, where the barista will pull the photograph from and nourish into an exceptional machine called the “Cino.”

The costly liberal refreshment takes around four minutes to make with the Cino, which utilizes flavorless sustenance shading to engrave the picture onto the drink.

Tea Terrace proprietor, Ehab Salem Shouly disclosed to Reuters he cam up with this idea as a way to keep up with diners’ social media-hungry expectations.

”Due to social media, the dining experience has completely shifted,“ Shouly said. ”It’s not enough any more to just deliver great food and great service – it’s got to be Instagram worthy.”


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