So, yeah it is actually going to happen for real now! We have been listening to this news for quite sometime now but since last night, the news of Do Darya getting closed is making rounds and everyone is freaking out. It will be closed after Ramadan.

Do Darya has been one of the places in Pakistan that has attracted almost everyone in the city and this is the only place that every Karachitee has visited. People are actually sad after haring this news and are not ready to let this place go.




According to the sources, Do Darya has been taken over by Malik Riaz so we can imagine what he must be planning to do at that location.

People are not happy to hear this news and it is also important to note here that hundreds of people who are working in those restaurants will be left jobless and healthy businesses will come to an end until and unless they find a place within the city and attract their customers back realizing the fact that this time they’ll be putting in double efforts as the customers won’t be able to enjoy the view of sea which they used to have at Do Darya. The place was famous for this particular reason. But we should never lose hope. Let’s expect something much better from this place.

So this Ramadan let’s all go to Do Darya and say goodbye to the place which has given so many beautiful memories. Do Darya, you will be truly missed.