The Rise of Female Bakers & Women Empowerment (Online Cooking and Baking)

Over the last 10 years, the food industry has witnessed tremendous growth not just because as a nation we love to eat but because of an influx of media channels promoting cooking and baking. Not to mention, food is one thing which connects us to our loved ones like no other thing.


It was already getting clear in 2019 that the world’s economy is going in to recession. However, the economists expected the situation to get better by the end of 2020 because of the emerging Asian economies. Unfortunately, COVID hit us and made the whole situation a lot worse. COVID-19 has completely changed the world dynamics. The world has already started referring to the economy as pre-COVID and post-COVID economy just like it used to refer it as pre-WWII to post-WWII.

Unfortunately, our food industry wasn’t immune to its implications as well. 2020 is the worst nightmare for the food industry and specially for working class associated with it. Where they are facing a major cut down in salaries and layoffs because of the closures of restaurants due to government restrictions. The most dreadful part is that nobody knows in how much time everything will get back to normal.

However, the food and restaurant industry are gradually shifting to online selling and delivery model. On the bright side, the urban females have recognized the potential market of food industry and are working hard to address the gap. Also, this has enabled females to share the economic burden for a secure and peaceful lifestyle. Female empowerment is a rising concept in Pakistan and it has always been in discussion that how can women be empowered and share the economic burden. The enhanced dynamics of social media and various options of online selling has enabled women to do it all.

Moreover, the young generation is also recognizing culinary and baking as a potential career. Different culinary and baking programs and competitions are also encouraging young and fresh talent to step into this field.

Furthermore, when it comes to the parallel need of exceptional skills of cooking, culinary and baking, it is being fulfilled by the culinary institutes. These institutes provide comprehensive courses to make someone a master in her/his culinary and baking skills. Also, they provide hands-on culinary and baking classes, that give the students an exceptional experience. Not only this, but these institutes provide a range of courses including costing, food photography, food marketing etc. These courses not only focus on the cooking and baking aspects but they also enable women and young talent to run their one-woman/one-man business of online selling.

Social media is the new battlefield for online sellers and in the particular segment online food industry, females are taking the lead from the front. Women and young talent are the rising faces of Digital Pakistan and culinary institutes aim to provide them with all the skills and gear they need.

About the Author
Mr. Usama Ahmed is the founder and ceo of Masterclass Pakistan. He is also a mentor at various startups and organizations where he remains very active for the grooming and education of youth. Not only this, but he is quite vocal for the women empowerment in Pakistan using digital media.

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