OrganiGo is an organic food-based café, restaurant and juice bar that has revolutionized the very notion of healthy and guilt-free salads, sandwiches, shakes and juices. The owner of OrganiGo, Danish Jabir, envisioned a café which catered to an increasingly health-conscious restaurant patrons and food lovers in Pakistan. At OrganiGo, we are committed to sourcing our ingredients and buying our produce from top quality markets and organic farms.

In modern times, due to pressures of daily lives and the time constraints that we experience as a result, we have come to consume an unhealthy quantity of fast-food, non-organic industrially processed food items and supermarket ingredients with artificial flavors and dangerous chemicals. These unhealthy food habits have gravely affected our health and well-being, causing obesity, heart diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure and even cancer. OrganiGo comes with the promise to serve you fresh, healthy, organic and hygienic food and drinks. The food at OrganiGo not only tastes better, it is truly healthy and guilt-free.

While the common perception is that organic food is largely bland and tasteless, nothing can be further from the truth. They use organic ingredients, including organic honey, organic milk, organic yogurt, lean meat varieties, natural feed chicken, organic bread, low-fat cheese, low-fat sauces and olive oil to prepare savory, delectable and wholesome meals, juices, salads and shakes.

Danish Jabir saw this major shift happening in Karachi with food lovers demanding more and more organic, healthy and guilt-free food. “Our mission is to prepare and serve wholesome, healthy, organic yet delicious food-on-the-go! We believe that one should be able to eat their favorite food without having to compromise on their health or food quality. What we have done is unique: we picked mainstream food favorites such as milk shakes and beef burgers while leaving the chemicals and the guilt behind!”

Within a short span of time, OrganiGo has gained a favorable reputation amongst its patrons and fans. Their dedication to serve only healthy, high-quality organic food has attracted food lovers of every age who value health and nutrition in food. OrganiGo has pledged to remove artificial and harmful ingredients from your daily diet and introduce low-calorie, low-fat, organic and safe ingredients in the preparation of their well-thought-out menu. “Our menu is simple and clean, and we focus on food that is not only healthy and guilt-free but is packed with a ton of flavors. We use olive oil, which is the most expensive oil we could have chosen, but we never compromise on anything when the question is of your health.”

Ps: Their Banana Peanut butter shake is our personal favorite!