Marketing tactics have been increasing on daily basis. An International Ice-Cream franchise Baskins Robbins opened in Lahore, Pakistan and as an approach to advertise themselves they offered one year free frozen yogurt to their specific clients. At that point, there is the case of McDonald’s open kitchen offer to give their clients a chance to visit their kitchens with a specific end goal to check their quality benchmarks.

Eating center points everywhere throughout the world are utilizing inventive and new promoting strategies to pull in buyers and increment their business and build up themselves as a brand. Keeping in mind the end goal to achieve their objective they accompany normal and additionally crazy procedures which work ordinarily. Such is the case of ‘La Downtown’, a celebrated fast food eatery of Lahore where they offered 50% off to every one of the understudies who have a F in their exams this year. Shocking, Right????

Who says failing an exam is a disadvantage? With this crusade, getting an F in exam can get you 50% off on your food from your most loved eatery.

Many people started commenting and tagged their fellow failed friends: