MasterClass Pakistan Hospitality Business School A tempting opportunity for those who are still struggling after their intermediate and Bachelors and willing to do something different, something which grabs their attention and holds their passion. MasterClass Pakistan provides you with different hand-grasping opportunities which you might not want to miss. Their diplomas & courses can help you achieve your dreams if your favorite place is Kitchen, as the saying goes, all the good things happen in kitchen because that’s where taste and Art blends together!

6 REASONS WHY you should choose Advanced Diploma program

  1. Individual plating for the first time in Pakistan

Although there are many culinary institutes in Pakistan but have you ever

Seen students cooking their individual dishes themselves? Moreover, plating

And presenting them and taking them back home with you!

  1. Limited students (maximum 15 per badge) for attentive learning And environment
  • Kitchen becomes a chaos when there are many students, some of them doesn’t get the attentive learning
  • Environment where else others don’t get their queries solved but MasterClass Pakistan has limited students
  • Per badge where every student gets complete cooking experience.

3. Clean utensils with hygienic kitchen and High-end equipment
MasterClass Pakistan offers the high-end equipment to every student with rules
Regarding the cleanliness and strict hygienic environment with fully Air-conditioned Room.

International certification (recognized locally and internationally both)

MasterClass Pakistan awards you with the international certification which is recognized locally and internationally both. Your gateway to success globally!

4. Learn the best from the best chefs in the culinary industry

You get to learn the skills from the best and well-known chefs in the culinary industry!

5. More opportunities for you to enhance your career

Once you complete your 18-months program, MasterClass Pakistan helps you by providing multiple opportunities for your career and your future in culinary industry.