Get ready to feast at Karachi Eats

Karachi, as we all know, is famous for 3 things; food, friends and those breathtaking sunsets. As we enter 2019 it has become customary to mark the new year by celebrating Karachi in all its grandeur. It is time for the anxiously awaited iconic festival which started it all and without which no new year can ever be complete. The Karachi Eat 2019. This year THE EAT is going to offer all the fun and excitement we need to start off 2019. Taking place on 11th, 12th and 13th Jan 2019 at Beach View Park, we surely can’t wait for the feast to begin.

Karachi Eat tested around 400 eateries from various restaurants out of which 90 have been finalized by the jury members with around 30 plus home based foodpenuers that will be coming out for the public to taste for the very first time! The USP of Karachi Eat is that it is a festival owned by the people of this city and is a tasting grounds for chefs and eateries to make a mark in the food industry of Karachi. Restaurants like Jucy Lucy, Piccollo Uccello, Two Guys and a Grill, Baba Moo, Desi Gali, Wingitt and many more found their beginnings at the Karachi Eat.

The final 90 eateries which have been selected will be serving 90 dishes, which have not been served anywhere else till now. In fact, they are not even served at their very own restaurants. They have been carefully curated and designed for the people of Karachi and will be unveiled at Karachi Eat 2019.

Finally, keeping in line with the spirit of the festival; to serve as an opportunity for new talent, the Karachi Eat will set the stage for next musical sensation. It will focus on young and upcoming musicians, some of whom will be performing for the very first time to an audience of thousands.

So this time, let’s get ready to enjoy new taste and new music at the much awaited and happening Karachi Eat 2019!

Let’s mark our calendars and lock our dates for the cities most loved festival of the year coming your way!