Presenting Interwood’s Bianca Kitchen, the perfect choice for a modern kitchen

Our homes are the sacred spaces that embody every facet of our personality, spaces that we design with the utmost care and love. Laura Esquivel once said “Cooking is one of the strongest ceremonies for life,” and agreeably so, the kitchen is where all our memories are homemade and seasoned with that very love and care. Interwood’s kitchens bring forth so many options to choose from, to create the perfect kitchen in our home, that it honestly is a treat to play around with the designs, textures, colors and styles to our heart’s content.
One of the most vibrant kitchens in their collection is the Bianca. Not only is the Bianca functional with its minimal style, but with the elegance of the Aland pine texture with accents of white and the warm burst of yellow in the cabinetry it would brighten up any space, big or small. The Bianca, like all of interwood’s kitchens contains touch systems installed within the drawers and elegant lighting underneath the cabinets and the inside of their drawers to ensure ease of access, enabling the cooks to be able to give their undivided attention to their delicious recipes.

To build more on the functionality of this gorgeous space, it has been designed in a manner that allows everything we need to be within arm’s reach. Unlike most old fashioned kitchens where we would have to walk around from one corner to the other just to put everything together, the Bianca allows us to glide through the space, not having to worry about where everything is, because it’s all right there, and that too, at an immensely affordable cost!

As Andrew Zimmern once said, “Life happens in the kitchen,” the Bianca brings life to your home in ways that help you discover a new zest for it.

For more information about this elegant and vibrant space, visit www.Interwood.pk or any of their store outlets.

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