Patangeer’s ultimate road trip!

    Pakistan has been experiencing an increase in tourism for the past few years. Its pleasant summer climate and scenic landscapes are breathtaking, encouraging people to travel to northern areas and making unforgettable memories.

    A Vlog by Patangeer made the rounds on Facebook that has left us tempting to do the same. This cute duo geared up and sated their appetite for an adventurous road trip in their red vintage car. It is the first of its kind in Pakistan. We are stunned by witnessing the beauty of their journey, interaction with the locals and learning about their lifestyle. So magical!

    It is good to know that two renowned brands like McDonald’s and Shell stepped up by being a part of this adventurous experience. McDonald’s has opened its franchise across Pakistan and it surely has become an important oasis for most of us during our journey whether for restrooms, free WiFi or the most important thing, FOOD! McDonald’s always feels like home because it’s not only focusing on expanding its operations, but is also committed to promoting diversity and creating a workplace where everyone feels supported and empowered.

    If you are also full of adventure then pack your bags like Patangeer for an ultimate thrilling experience and explore the beautiful sights of Pakistan. Meanwhile, let’s also hope that tourism in Pakistan takes off more because it’s worth it!