Pakola celebrates 67 years with it’s new TVC

The journey of “Har Dil Bola, Hara Bhara Pakola” has come a long way since the 1950s and is still surging through the market for being one of the most authentic flavors of ice-cream soda beverage. This time Pakola came up with a very innovative idea of sharing their story from the beginning when the first soft-drink brand was invented.

They have divided the TVC into different time eras that show the evolution of Pakola. The commercial indicates that this beverage does not target a niche but it is a drink for every age bracket.

Leaping from one decade to another the change in settings seems to excite the viewer as all of us can relate to a time frame. They also give us a little sneak peak of their old bottle design that defined creativity when it comes to manufacturing. The Golden Age of the 90s was the real crowd-pleaser as it made us reminisce all the times we sat together as a family to watch our Pakistani cricket team play. Pakola’s classic design and its captivating color depicts emotion, culture and our values which is a value addition against all other competitors. The quirky jingle had all of us hooked throughout the ad as we enjoyed the idea and concept behind Pakola’s story of serving the nation for 67 years.