as we all know is an online grocery store where everyone can easily purchase grocery making our lives easier with just one click.

Recently, mycart arranged a meet and greet session with the food bloggers of Karachi. The meetup was held at Dunkin Donuts, Tipu Sultan road on 5th June 2018. The event was organized on the sole philosophy that how online Shopping is a smarter choice for the empowered women of Pakistan

The event was attended by some of the most popular and notable key opinion leaders including top female bloggers, food and fashion bloggers, technology leaders as well as officials.
Mr. Syed Waqas Pervaiz, the Head of Marketing, opened the session with a brief background of the online shopping scenario in Pakistan and walked the guests through some key insights of Pakistan’s online retail shopping and how is not only contributing but leading the way in bringing innovation to this area. Waqas Pervaiz, explained that the event intended to create awareness that how online shopping has evolved in the last three years and more people prefer shopping for groceries online from the comfort of their home.

The presentation was followed by a quiz session based on our knowledge of what we expect should be the age of a person placing the order and who is the actual decision maker in the house. It further included a discussion on how get the non-online shoppers to shop online.

The event concluded with a very interesting Q/A session between the team and the guests, where they asked questions and shared their first-hand online shopping experience.


Checkout Ramadan Meetup organized by #BeSmart #Checkout

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