Tamagoyaki, Japan

It is a rectangular shaped omelette made by rolling several layers of thin omelettes. It is made by adding with sugar, water, rice vinegar to eggs. It is cut into rounds and served with dips.

Tortilla De Patatas, Spain

As the name suggests, it is made with layers of potato sauteed in oil and contains onions and bell peppers, which makes it a very thick and heavy preparation.

Omeleta, Greece

It looks more like egg pasta with pan fried veggies, pastas and sauces mixed with eggs which act like a binder. It is mostly a meal in itself.

French omelette, France

The word omelette is of French origin and became popular around 17th century. It is no doubt very special in France and is more or less a gourmet dish with some variations. Made with clarified butter, onions, tomato, herbs and cheese, it is rolled and served mostly with stuffing of spinach and ham.

Persian Omelette, Iran

Tomato is the main ingredient, which is cooked along with garlic, turmeric powder, dilli and eggs. It is generally served as a complete breakfast.