MasterClass Pakistan opened registrations for the third batch of their Certified Cooking Program

Are you well versed in the language of spices, flavors and techniques involved in making day to day dishes? Are you interested in learning cuisines from all over the world? Then you’re at luck because MasterClass Pakistan has just opened registrations for the third batch of their Certified Cooking Program.

But let’s hold that discussion and talk about Pakistan’s culinary industry first. A constantly growing field, the hospitality industry in our country is worth millions, and offers a wide range of options for food lovers to start their own business or career in. But to be a part of this industry, you need to have skills that make you an expert in your game. And that expertise can be achieved from MasterClass Pakistan.

Their cooking program covers five weeks of practical cooking experience where you’ll be assigned your own cooking counter which will be stocked and equipped with all ingredients and tools needed to learn the delicious cuisines they’re offering to teach. A 60-credit hour program, this course will include dishes from Japanese, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Thai, Italian, French and even Mughal cuisines, and includes a full week of baking and desserts – so that you can have a complete experience in learning all about culinary and patisserie skills.

And one of the best parts of their program is the fact that you can take all your dishes back home with you! Yes, you can take everything you’ve cooked back home and enjoy it as lunch or dinner with your family. Isn’t that amazing?

Also, they’re providing a Professional Development Award on the completion of this course, which is known across the industry and will help you start your own business or even look for jobs in related fields.

Still unsure? Let’s talk about the pros of this program:

  • A real-time training environment
  • Classes conducted by chefs with years of culinary experience
  • Supportive co-staff and engaging program design
  • Demonstrative as well as hands-on cooking
  • You’ll be taught to cook dishes from over 6 different cuisines
  • Learn basic to advance cooking/baking techniques
  • Cutting edge and state of the art kitchen and equipment
  • A certification that can help you grow as a cook

Doesn’t that sound interesting? Then don’t wait up, because they only take limited registrations in their program and you could be one of the lucky ones! Visit their website for more details: or call their team on 0331 4822272 or 021 34822272.