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MasterClass Pakistan launches Pakistan’s first Foodpreneurship program by Royal Danish Embassy

On Thursday, December 6, 2018 Royal Danish Embassy held an event at MasterClass Pakistan. This event included a cooking session by one of Denmark’s leading chef Adam Hummel Ebsen which was held to create awareness about Danish cuisine in Pakistan. The event took full swing with introduction to female entrepreneurs and their contribution to the society to the chief guest & Royal Danish Ambassador, Rolf Holmboe.

The opening ceremony of Pakistan’s first Foodpreneurship Program took place, which is an initiative taken by MasterClass Pakistan to create opportunities and fill in the skills gap that is faced by entrepreneurs because of the hospitality industry being the fastest growing industry of Pakistan, the initiative was appreciated by both academia and young entrepreneurs.

The Danish Ambassador Rolf Holmboe held Foodpreneurship program in high regard and considered it an important yet extremely crucial necessity. Further on, co-founders, MasterClass Pakistan Usama Ahmed discussed how important it is for different cultures and countries to come together for promoting the global age of the culinary phenomenon. Chef Abdul Hadi also discussed of how food can be a connecting bridge between creating new fusions and blend of cultural cuisines.

The event then moved into a cooking session by Chef. Adam Ebsen that a lot of bloggers participated in, the session included a Danish recipe to show some insight to the participants of the astronomic horizon of Danish cuisine.

The winners of the CookOff received many gifts on behalf of the Royal Danish Embassy and Chef. Adam Ebsen, the event came to its end with Danish Ambassador Rolf Holmboe’s speech in which he praised how culturally rich Pakistan is with not only its food but other artistic advances such as; music and art. He also highly appreciated MasterClass Pakistan and how it is a breath of fresh air, he also mentioned how Pakistan and Danish culture can do various collaborative work and lead to diverse possibilities in the near future.

Distribution of certificates and tokens of appreciations took place and the event winded up on scrumptious treats!

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