Lahore Eat 2019 – Back to where it all started and more

After the resounding success of Karachi Eat Food Festival 2019, Lahore Eat will open the flavours of Pakistan to the foodies of Lahore on February 8, 9, & 10 2019. The festival promises a unique food experience, unparalleled by any other, as it brings the “Karachi Se Lahore Pavilion” which will host eateries from the four corners of Pakistan, including Karachi and Islamabad.

This year Lahore Eat goes back to the heart of the city and brings the best family event of the year to Jilani Park. The three days of the festival give Lahoris an opportunity to binge on their love for food with their families and friends in the center of the city. Lahore Eat 2019 aims to push the traditional boundaries of fast food and gourmet meals and bring unique dishes not available anywhere else. Jilani Park is conveniently located for the ease of access of all of Lahore and is the original home of Lahore Eat.

With numerous food stalls this year, consisting of home cooks or budding ‘foodpreneurs’, who don’t have restaurants of their own, are in the words of Omar Omari, Co-Founding, Partner of CKO Event Architecture- the organizers of the festival, “the real gems of the festival,” as they bring food experiences the people of Lahore cannot find anywhere else.

This year Lahore Eat has commissioned select vendors to create dishes which will be available at Lahore Eat only. According to Omari, the design philosophy behind Lahore Eat Festival is to make the festival look premium, while simultaneously making it accessible to everybody. With a price bar on food items at Rs 350, allows people from all walks of life access to a food experience which normally might not be easily available to them.

Lahore is a city which loves food and has a very strong food culture and this year Lahore Eat brings the best of its eateries together at Jilani Park. So get out your forks and knives and chalk out your itinerary for the most amazing taste journey that is the promise of Lahore Eat 2019!