The Coronavirus pandemic has knocked many businesses out of whack, forcing them to go digital in order to keep sales rolling. Vendors have now resorted to social media platforms as a marketplace for the most sought after fruit this season – mangoes!

According to Usama, the Anwar Rataul and Sindhri mangoes were the highest in demand in Pakistan.

The shift from the local bazaar to the online marketplace has brought about a gentrification of the mango selling trade. From the regular wooden crate to fancy cardboard gift boxes, the seller of this fruit have intensified their tactics quickly to elbow out the competition.

Usama Ahmed, who is running a Facebook page named King Fruits & Vegetables, said that since his business was hit pretty hard during this COVID19 crisis, he was in search of alternatives to reach out to more customers to expand his business online.

His online venture isn’t all that Usama Ahmed has been doing. He also owns the College of Tourism & Hotel Management in Karachi and he is also a co-founder of Masterclass Pakistan hospitality business school which is a culinary institute of good standing.

“We realised that the time is changing and, being culinary professionals, fruits and vegetables were very close to us,” he said, explaining why he got in the business. “We are all set to launch our e-commerce portal as well after taking notice of the growing profits and potential of the business.”

Facebook has truly proven to be the most effective platform for their online business, in terms of receiving large orders.