Mandi is a traditional dish from Yemen of meat, rice, and spices. It is also eaten in some gulf nations. It is now very popular in other areas of the Arabian Peninsula, and it is also common in Egypt and Levant and Turkey.

Mandi House Restaurant- an Arabic Signature Cuisines restaurant which has recently opened its first branch in South Asia, in the city of lights- Karachi . Mandi House Restaurant has revived its traditional Arabic Signature Cuisines and an delightful Arabic taste in Pakistani food restaurant industry, which is going to have a Surprising affect on the taste buds of Pakistanis.

Mandi House is going to be a great launch in the history of restaurants in Karachi. It has huge sitting area in which 250 people can sit under one roof and enjoy the Arabic traditional dish “Mandi”.  Not only Mandi, but the “Kanafeh” is also available here which is Middle Eastern dessert made with cheese pastry soaked in sweet, sugar-based syrup. It is a specialty of the Arab world and Turkey. The Chefs has been hired from Yaman and Saudi, to give the perfect and exact taste to its customers.