Our homes are the blessed spaces that symbolize every facet of our character, spaces that we project our care and love through. Cait Flanders, in her book “The Year of Less” says, “More was never the answer. The answer, it turned out, was less.” Clearly this kitchen embodies the spirit of the less, with its beautifully simple, elegant and natural elements. Interwood’s kitchens offer so many possibilities to create a faultless kitchen in our home, that it truly is a pleasure to play around with the designs, textures, colors and styles.

Interwood’s Minimal Kitchen stands true to its name with its simplistic design and natural textures. Not only is the Minimal Kitchen functional with its simple style, but with the elegance of the wooden texture with accents of white would certainly add splendor to any space, big or small. The Minimal Kitchen, like all of interwood’s kitchens contains touch systems installed within the drawers and elegant lighting inside and underneath the cabinets and the inside of their drawers to ensure ease of access, enabling the cooks to be able to give their complete devotion to their delightful recipes.


















To build more on the minimalistic style of this gorgeous space, it has been designed in a manner that allows the clutter that is caused by appliances, to remain hidden away within its excessive storage space allowing the chef to be free of worry about the workspace he/she has to work within, and that too, at an immensely affordable cost!
For more information about this elegant and vibrant space, visit Interwood.pk or any of their store outlets.