Master idea turns into MasterClass!

MasterClass started its venture with just a vision and now has surpassed the realms of Food Empire, teaching culinary enthusiasts the real technical culinary expertise by the best masters that are not only experienced but passionate and sincere towards their work, which is the most important commodity!

“We are honoured in playing our role towards the culinary society. It had been a roller coaster ride and within a year we have reached one of the biggest milestones by receiving an award on emerging culinary brand. We started with a vision and by the grace of Allah this expanded to a medium for people that love the food and culinary industry genuinely. We made impeccable progress through mainstream media and made the art of cooking into a team building activity. We as a team have built a brand on the foundation of hard work, exemplary technical skills and craft of the culinary world, which is not only limited to cooking but various outcomes through it. We have stayed true to our one and only mission that is provision of nothing but extraordinary manoeuvre to accommodate our patrons.” The co – founders of MasterClass Mr. Usama Ahmed and Chef. Hadi, on their journey of MasterClass.

Got queries? The mentors got you! Can’t keep up? The mentors will help you step by step! At MasterClass we provide you a comfortable environment that makes sure that you not only leave with the food you make in the class (HONESTLY THE BEST PART) but you also leave with contentment and more love for food! #SNACKdontSLACK

Let’s shed some light on some of the main features that MasterClass has accomplished in this one year:

How many places can you name that provides a secure and fun-loving space where your kids can explore the vast food orbit? Well, MasterClass teaches your little ones to make the yummiest of dishes with guidance of their sweetest of mentors. Here’s a look at the very first very first class of “Winter Wonderland for Junior Chefs’’

Every summer, people look for activities to rave – up, but because of  MasterClass’s presence in Karachi, Karchites have no problem giving that a thought because MasterClass makes sure to bring you even more exciting and exhilarating cooking experience than before.

These are the highlights from the SUMMER Cook Fest’ 18 which concluded of the eastern bhangra to the western exotic salsa, bringing you the authentic taste from the scrumptious deserts to the exquisite actual land of deserts the middle eastern food galore!


MasterClass does not only host events of their own but provides you with a sensational location that fits the international horizons completely. Anyone can host events at MasterClass!

MasterClass has hosted shows by esteemed channels such as Samaa TV

The team of Subha Saveray Samaa ke Sath hosted by Sanam Baloch. Watch them learn how to cook in our studio at MasterClass.

MasterClass has made its claim in mainstream media by featuring on GEO and TCM, and thus they have experience in arranging and managing media events where we provide you with a platform where you can arrange several workshops, meet ups and more! MasterClass has a spacious location that can cater up to 40 people.

MasterClass also hosted a bloggers event that called out all our young bloggers to put their food expertise to test, through food competitions and quizzes by certified chefs, the event was not only successful but a great breakthrough for MasterClass as an establishment amongst all social media, MasterClass made sure that our youth that loves food as much as social media, creates a beautiful marriage between the two!

MasterClass also tries its best to serve its community through its work, MasterClass integrated a cancer awareness campaign in its first bread making class for the welfare of the society.

If you’re still contemplating why you should come to MasterClass then I urge you to just finally come over and take a class and SEE FOR YOURSLEFBecause once you go inside this food dungeon, it’s practically impossible for you to come back!!!