Hue style soup is definitely a treat to keep you warm in the chilling weather. Its lemongrass flavor is simply addictive. Traditionally hue noodle soup is made with beef, which is why it’s called bun bo hue. Bun means vermicelli, bo means beef, and hue, well, that’s an area in Central Vietnam. So, this is kind of like bun turkey hue: vermicelli turkey in a hue style soup. The best part of this dish, aside from the fact that it’s delicious, is that it comes together pretty fast.

Start off with your leftover turkey bones u can switch them with Mutton if you don’t like Turkey but honestly the results won’t be the same. Pop those in a pot with some bruised lemongrass, garlic, shallot, and rock sugar. Bring it to a gentle boil, then pop it in a low oven – the low oven is awesome because it controls the temperature and fills up your house with amazing smells. You could do this in a slow cooker too.

While that’s going, you need to make your spicy oil. This is what gives bun bo hue it’s signature spicy red look. The red is from annatto seeds and the spice is from chili peppers and flakes. It also has minced lemongrass and shallots. You use it to flavor the lemongrass stock and because it’s not in the base stock, you can make your soup as spicy or as mild as you like.

When that’s done, it’s just a question of cooking up some noodles  traditionally they use very thick vermicelli and topping off your bowl with a generous amount of lemongrass turkey stock, your homemade chili oil, leftover turkey, and fresh herbs.