young teenager drinking water after exercise.

By: Ghania Abrar

Our body needs more consumption of water as we sweat more summers. If your body is not hydrated it becomes less active and you feel dizzy or sick. Its quite boring to consume liters of water as your taste buds demands for something special. Here are some tricks to satisfy your taste buds and stay hydrated at the same time.


Strawberries deliver the most vitamin C of all berries and also provide folate, a B vitamin that’s essential for the healthy growth of new cells. And, since they’re 91 percent water, they’ll contribute significantly toward your overall fluid intake. So you can make drinks and shakes by using lots and lots of strawberries and making your daily drinks special and unique.


At 95 percent water content, a cup of cucumber slices is nearly as thirst-quenching as a glass of water. Cucumbers also provide a little fiber and some vitamin C. So if you don’t use cucumber in your daily diet plan start considering them as they are essential for the hydration of your body. You can also make drinks by using cucumbers and mint as a detox drink.


Ninety-two percent water (hence the name), watermelon is a good source of vitamin C and, when it’s red, also has lycopene, an antioxidant that may help protect against heart disease and some types of cancer. There are so many sweet dish recipes that you can follow in order to bring this sweet fruit in use.


Regular plain yogurt is 85% to 88% water. You’ll also get calcium, some B vitamins and good for probiotics. Yogurt can be an ingredient in most of your dishes.


At 88 percent water, this fruit will help you stay hydrated. Better yet, 1 cup delivers 3 grams of fiber for just 55 calories.