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Here’s all you need to know about KFC’s new addition Kentucky Burger

KFC introduces a new addition Kentucky Burger for which a bloggers meetup session was organized for testing out their new product. Kentucky Burger is already making waves in the market.

It is a perfect blend of chicken and beef with crispy onions and barbecue sauce which makes it a scrumptious burger which is totally affordable and is totally worth it. While talking to the media Noor Alam further told that the chicken and bun used in this burger is from Pakistan only while the sauces are from Heinz which comes from America.

For now the price of Kentucky Burger is of Rs 399/- without drink and fries. If KFC gets a good response from people then they will plan on coming up with a proper deal. This is one of the promotional products from KFC just to give a new and different taste however KFC signature burger has always been Zinger Buger and Mighty Zinger.

Here are some of the pictures from the event which took place yesterday:


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