Here’s why ‘Meat the Cheese’ should be your next dining spot!

Karachi is famous for its two main things, One shopping and another is food! With each passing year we see new and innovative restaurants launching opening doors for everyone to try their food. It gets hard for us to decide which food brand is on the top. Some restaurants have an amazing ambiance while other’s serve quality food. There are only few restaurants who’s services, ambiance, food and price everything is according to the customers need.

Similarly, Meat the Cheese is one of those restaurants serving delicious food, with upto the mark services. We hear many reviews on restaurants and cafe’s but this one was highlighted because we came to know about it from many people!

Fahima Fatani, recently went to Meat the Cheese, and shared her amazing experience! Here’s what she herself wrote about the restaurant:

“Meat the cheese turned out to be one of the best culinary experiences of 2017. The place is small and cozy and tastefully done. We decided to visit on a Sunday and the eatery was bustling with activity. The menus are artfully done and one can see the effort thats been put. 

For appetizers, we ordered wicked mushrooms, state of the art-ichoke, chilli poppers and jalapeno chicken fries. The wicked mushrooms were the bomb! Coated in a crispy batter stuffed with oozing cheese and pepperon, these were polished off in minutes. The artichoke and cheese dip was lip smacking. One could actually tell that they had used premium quality cheese. The fries were served piping hot and we topped them with extra cheese sauce. This was the ultimate cheese lovers heaven! The chilli poppers were standard fare, similar to what is served in most cafes.

For mains we ordered the Crack pot pie, the insanely cheesy burger, the lasagna on a roll (so so good) and a steak. watching the crack pot pie being served is like watching magic unfold. I loved the dramatics of this dish. This is basically an upside down pizza and such a welcomed change from the regular flatbread. I liked how they have put a twist on a classic and executed it perfectly. Its a simplistic dish with fresh flavours which pair very well with the cheese. Next up was the insanely cheesy burger. This was one of the finest burgers being served in town. It came with a side of onion rings and a cheesy mayo sauce. To make it even mire sinful, we added a serving if raclette cheese. Delicious! The T-bone was chosen from the specials menu and was grilled to perfection. It was served with a side of seared vegetables and we topped it with a serving of raclette. The lasagna was the star dish. Delicious meat sauce, creamy bechamel and lots and lots of cheese, this was the clear winner. This is one of the few good lasagnas in town and a must try if you are craving something cheesy. This is comfort food done right. For drinks, we had ordered Brazilian Punch which was delicious. The peach cheesecake smoothie was a miss for me.

Finally for dessert, we ordered 20 lives which was a huge slice of a 20 layered chocolate cake served with ice cream. Definitely a great way to end a meal.

Overall, the eatery has made a promising start and has gotten a lot of things right which is surprising for a newly launched restaurant. The wait staff was attentive and well informed and the serving time was minimal. They could easily expand their dessert menu as they currently only offer three desserts. Definitely a great addition to food scene.”

So after reading, who wouldn’t want to try this new eatery? So what are you waiting for? Call your friends and plan your next get together at Meat the Cheese!