Hemani Herbal the perfect brand for a healthier you!

It is visible that the world is now moving towards herbal products as they seem to be “Safe and Natural”. Keeping this in mind, I was always interested in giving such products a try. Herbal health products and supplements are available in many forms, including in tea bags, capsules, tablets, liquids, and powders.

Hemani has efficaciously established itself as a leading herbal & natural company with a wide product range of herbal teas, herbal oils, aromatherapy products, massage creams, herbal hair & skin care products.

Realizing the consumer’sneed and demand of natural products for healthy living, Hemani joined hands with Wasim Badami for a range of products carefully chosen from the best that Nature has to offer.Everything comes packed in a really hygienic way making the products looks pretty and more appealing. So the overall packaging is good.Hemani is extremely light on our pockets as well.  Overall, Hemani has won over our hearts with product effectiveness and trust.

Hemani Coconut Oil is one the most beneficial and sold products of Hemani Herbal.  Pure coconut oil has been in use as edible oil for centuries. You can boost and regulate your metabolism to keep your weight under control with this wonderful oil. Pure coconut oil can be used in Cooking as it enhances the taste and adds fragrance to the food when prepared with it.  It reduces cholesterol and provides instant energy to your body.

Hemani Coconut oil is a good choice for makeup removal hence being a cheaper option than other expensive makeup removal products. Coconut oil takes makeup off smoothly without any harsh rubbing required, leaving skin, eye lashes and eye brows moisturized and luminous.

Offering high quality 100% natural herbal products. Hemani herbals help you live naturally.