The heat is rising with McDonald’s Jalapeno Fiesta

Red hot alert! Jalapeno fiesta is here and McDonald’s just took taste several notches up, with this drool-worthy Jalapeno chicken range. So, if you’re a fan of chicken with a kick, this fiesta is for YOU!!

The fast food giant has revealed its new addition of Jalapeno Chicken McBites, juicy bite sized chicken, perfectly seasoned with jalapeno for a spicy flavor ready to be dipped into a tasty sauce. It’s perfect for people like us, who would just walk into McDonald’s to munch even when it’s NOT mealtime. Jalapeno Spicy McCrispy, chicken patty crisped to perfection, seasoned with jalapeno pepper topped with McDonald’s classic sauce, a cheddar slice and lettuce sandwiched in a traditional McDonald’s bun. Jalapeno Crispy Chicken, marinated chicken piece, breaded and coated with a mix of Jalapeno pepper and other seasonings. When you want to have fried chicken with lots of flavor, this is what you want to order. The breaded chicken with the seasoning adds a nice soft texture that mixes well with the crunchiness of the chicken piece.


The limited edition chicken range has made us go in food coma mode. We are now curious to see if McDonald’s Jalapeno Fiesta catches on the consumers.