The Holy month Ramadan is celebrated with a lot of zeal and esteem all over the world. Pakistan is no different when it comes to celebrating this glorious month. We see and feel its presence everywhere; the whole atmosphere is filled with a sense of this blessed occasion. The major aspect of this month remains food; there are so many edible brands and eateries taking advantage of the much celebrated Iftar dinner buffets.

The major aspect of fasting is to refrain from eating and drinking which naturally puts a lot of importance to food. There are so many restaurants and cafes offering Iftar dinner buffets of various cuisines and multiple dishes that it is almost impossible to try each one of them. However, we picked the most hyped and talked about Iftar dinner buffet of Al-Bustan restaurant located at Mövenpick Hotel Karachi to see if it lives up to its claims.

Al-Bustan is the main all-day international buffet restaurant of the hotel. It specializes in providing extensive buffet meals in best prices. The Iftar dinner buffet was no different! Despite the huge sitting capacity with caters up to 250 guests at a time, the place is comfortable and cozy. Each table gets its due privacy by the placement of beautiful fish shaped artifacts. The vibrant color combination of orange and green and adequately lit chandlers provides an upbeat feel.

The buffet was very, very lavish with so many dishes from various cuisines that we were confused from where to start. The generous buffet which was fit to host a King as you will be given a chance to choose from more than 60 dishes altogether. The menu starts with complete meal consisting of a salad bar, cold and hot appetizers, main courses and desserts bar. To make the buffet unique, restaurant also offers live cooking station, live pasta station, shawarma corner and live tandoor to provide fresh and crisp items straight out of the kitchen!

The number of dishes in each section are more than eight to nine, representing various popular cuisines of the world. The hot tea and coffee corner and fresh sorbet and juices are enough to quench your Ramadan thirst. There is a significant number of waiters present to cater to your needs immediately then and there. The restaurant also makes it a grand interactive food affair by giving away exciting gifts from numerous sponsors. All in all, the restaurant provides a complete experience which surely excites and brings something new to the Iftar dinner buffet offerings.

Have a look on the ambiance of Al-Bustan:

If you are deciding where to spend your Iftars then Al-Bustan should surely be at the top of your list!