Esquires Coffee, a New Zealand-based international coffee house is opening its store in Karachi

It looks like international franchises have planned to expand their restaurants, previously we heard about Dinner in the Sky coming to Karachi and now Esquires Coffee, a New Zealand-based universal café establishment, announced on Monday that it would open its first espresso store in Karachi in the beginning of March, conveying to the nation the absolute best in third-wave distinctive, natural and reasonable exchange bistro culture.

The new store at Zamzama Boulevard, Karachi is the first of an arranged system of 40 stores to be taken off crosswise over Pakistan throughout the following 10 years.

“New Zealand, where a some espresso from a high quality bistro has been raised to the status of a national establishment, drives the worldwide bistro culture,” says Bearhug Chief Executive Jehanzeb Paracha, the ace franchisee for Pakistan. “The nation’s best cafés are at the center point of nearby groups. They are meeting places for families and companions and a place to casually direct business from early morning frequently late into the night,” Paracha said.

Bearhug got the rights to work the Esquires Coffee mark in Pakistan from the New Zealand-based openly recorded Cooks Global Foods Group in 2017. Cooks Global Foods claims the universal licensed innovation and ace diversifying rights to Esquires Coffee Houses around the world, barring New Zealand and Australia.

Cooks Global Foods Executive Chairperson Keith Jackson said Pakistan speaks to a decent open door for the organization. “Pakistan’s economy is developing emphatically and, as per the World Bank, development is required to quicken amongst now and 2020. It likewise has a quickly developing white collar class hungry for global brands and encounters,” he said.

We all are excited and looking forward to the launch of Esquires Coffee.