A peaceful period of personal reflection and time spent with family, Ramadan is also a popular time for visitors to explore Malls and prepare for Eid. Lucky One is one most of the well-equipped Mall to welcome Muslims and non-Muslims alike, with respect to the introspective spirit of the month.

In honor of the season  which is also a peak time for gift and occasion shopping  LuckyOne One has created one-off Ramadan offerings to meet shoppers’ demand with the commencement of the biggest Ramadan festival offering amazing gifts and giveaways.

Spend Rs.5000 cash at any store in LuckyOne Mall and avail the chance to enter our Grand Lucky Draw.  Starting from the 6th of June, LuckyOne Mall is hosting game shows & naat competitions every day from 9:30 PM to 10:30 PM just for you! They have definitely not forgotten the juniors, and provide a platform for them to recitation of Surah’s & Ayaats and receive amazing giveaways including gifts & vouchers sponsored by Lucky One’s brand partners

So what are you waiting rush to LuckyOne now and avail the amazing offers and enjoy the Ramadan Shopping Festival because LuckyOne is surely, the place to be.