Dinner in the sky is launching soon in Karachi

Dinner in the sky an international chain being brought up here in Pakistan by Ali Atara is about to launch soon in Karachi.

During a press conference held yesterday, 24th March, at Marriott Hotel Karachi; Ali Atara and the team of Dinner in the sky arranged a meetup where they talked about launching this international chain soon.

We are still waiting to hear the official news of where the restaurant is going to open. As of now it’s not yet finalized. The venue, menu and price is still not confirmed but this surely is going to be one crazy hell of a ride to have dinner up in the sky.

We heard a lot of the news about Dinner in the sky being owned by many other people. But it is to inform you all that the real owner, the only person behind this whole idea of bringing Dinner in the sky is by Ali Atara. There is no one else except for him who is owning DITS in Pakistan.

Here are some of the highlights from the press conference:

Do let us know where would you want Dinner in the sky to open in Karachi?

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